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To all  E.T.A's and great tribute artist alike. If you are looking for a awsome tribute band to back you up look no further.I would like to introduce George Belmore & North Of Memphis. North Of Memphis is a band that has backed us up for the past three years in some profile shows including my yearly Christmas concert a Christmas with Elvis. In the show they have backed up such great artist as Jay Zanier' Anthony Von' Selvis Shon Carroll Eddie Prnce to name a few. Not only does this band play the music of Elvis with heart and soul they play it note for note check them out for yourself


Yours Truly

Pat Di' Simine AKA.   Elvis Little

 I have been fortunate enough to perform with George Belmore & North Of Memphis. Small details can either make or break an Elvis Tribute show and North Of Memphis has certainly done their homework every member of the band is professional and the songs are spot on.

I highly recommend this group of musicians for high quality backing



Eddie Prince

Elvis Tribute Artist

For 25 Years

My great freind George not only is he a great freind of mine he has a big heart

This is the best Elvis band in the country not only in the way they play the Elvis Music to a Tee but they are pros in everything they do on stage .It is my great pleasure to sing with them What can i say Just  FANTASTIC A MUST SEE.



Bruce Andrew Stewart

Pete Storm

Jay Dupuis

Jay Dupuis

Ray Darren as Kenny Chesney

Bruce Stewart

Pete Storm

Kelly Michelle Thompson

Pete Storm

Ray Darren

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